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What is sedation dentistry?

If setting up appointments for dental procedures causes you anxiety and fear, you are not the only one. Individuals of all ages have severe fears about undergoing dental procedures. For this reason, Michaela Tozzi, DMD in Henderson, NV offers several sedation options that will enable you to keep calm and comfortable during your dental procedures. Seasoned dentist Dr. Michaela Tozzi will discuss the various sedation methods we offer during your initial consultation to help you decide which option may be best for you and your needs. If you live in or around Las Vegas, NV, give us a call to learn more about sedation dentistry. Our caring team is dedicated to providing you with a safe and comfortable experience. 

What are my Sedation Options?

Michaela Tozzi, DMD in Henderson, NV is pleased to offer the following sedation options to our Las Vegas patients:

Nitrous oxide sedation, also known as laughing gas, is now a standard type of mild sedation that is combined with oxygen to keep patients calm.

Oral-conscious sedation employs prescription medicine to reduce anxiety before and while undergoing dental procedures.

WHO IS A CANDIDATE FOR sedaton dentistry?

If you experience severe fear and anxiety at the idea of undergoing dental procedures, then you are likely an ideal candidate for sedation dentistry. Since there are several sedation options available at our Las Vegas practice, Dr. Tozzi may ask you questions regarding your medical history and lifestyle to determine which sedation therapy is most effective for you.

What to Expect during sedation dentistry

The process for sedation dentistry will vary based on which option you choose. For nitrous oxide sedation, the primary objective is to temporarily sedate an individual by placing a hood over the patient's nose, which administers nitrous oxide gas. This method can be controlled and adjusted to achieve the level of sedation you desire. Oral-conscious sedation is performed by prescribing the patient anti-anxiety medicine about an hour prior to their appointment to help keep them calm during their procedure. This specific method is unable to be adjusted after it's administered, and patients should arrange for a responsible adult to drive them home afterward.

HOW LONG IS RECOVERY AFTER sedation dentistry?

Prior to beginning any procedure utilizing sedation, Dr. Tozzi will speak candidly about what could be expected following your appointment. After your procedure, we recommend that you rest and drink lots of water. You may feel tired or mildly loopy for the remainder of the day, but these side effects are normal and will wear off within 24 hours. 

is sedation dentistry COVERED BY DENTAL INSURANCE?

Based on the kind of sedation selected for your treatment, your cost and insurance benefits could vary. However, our office will speak with your insurance provider ahead of time to determine what will be covered and what you might have to pay out of pocket after the therapy. Michaela Tozzi, DMD accepts several payment methods and could help you find low-interest medical financing.

relieve your dental anxiety

You shouldn't have to experience phobias or anxiety to maintain ideal oral health. By choosing sedation dentistry at Michaela Tozzi, DMD, your dental cleanings, examinations, and procedures can become a positive and peaceful experience. If you live in Henderson or near Las Vegas, NV, reach out to our office to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Tozzi to discuss all of your dental needs. 

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