Tips to Create A Customized Smile Makeover

woman smiling

When your smile is making you feel self-conscious, a smile makeover could be the answer you’re looking for. It can dramatically transform a smile near Las Vegas, NV. Dr. Michaela Tozzi offers her patients different restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures that will improve how a smile looks and functions. At Michaela Tozzi, DMD, we use the latest technology and high-quality materials to help you rejuvenate your smile. Dr. Tozzi is a board-certified doctor of dental medicine who is experienced in diagnosing and treating a variety of oral health issues.

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is a makeover for the teeth and overall appearance of a smile. This smile rejuvenation can involve one standalone procedure or a series of procedures. Dr. Tozzi creates custom treatment plans that both help you to meet your goals and solve dental issues. She works hard to restore aging, damaged, or dull smiles. Every patient has different needs, so a smile makeover will be different for everyone. A smile makeover near Las Vegas, NV can resolve many cosmetic concerns, including:

  • Crowded, misaligned, misshapen, or uneven teeth

  • Gaps

  • Gum recession

  • Chips or cracks

  • Stains, discoloration, or yellowing

Am I a candidate for a smile makeover?

Dr. Tozzi will evaluate your teeth and gums closely during a consultation to determine if you’re a good candidate for a smile makeover. She will take x-rays to look for signs of cavities, gum disease, or bone loss. Any existing dental issue must be resolved before smile makeover procedures can begin.

Reasons to consider a smile makeover

There are many benefits to having a smile makeover in Las Vegas, NV, including:

  1. Whiter teeth: Dr. Tozzi offers Philips Zoom! in-office teeth whitening and Opalescence® at-home kits to whiten your smile. In just one treatment, the Zoom! White speed laser teeth whitening can brighten your teeth up to several shades.

  2. Restore or repair broken, chipped, or cracked teeth: Teeth that are chipped, cracked, or broken affect how your smile looks and how you chew or bite. Veneers can be used to quickly restore a smile, while dental bonding can be used to repair minor imperfections.

  3. Improve the length, shape, size, and width of teeth: Cosmetic dentistry offers patients near Las Vegas, NV different ways to have a more symmetrical smile. Porcelain veneers work best for those with this concern.

  4. Correct crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth: Patients looking for a straighter smile can use ClearCorrect aligners. This treatment uses a series of clear teeth aligners to gradually move teeth to their desired positions.

  5. Improve oral health: Correcting gaps, crowded, or misaligned teeth can improve your oral health since crowded and misaligned teeth are more likely to develop tooth decay.

Will insurance cover my smile makeover procedures?

Most of the time, dental insurance will cover procedures that they see as medically necessary. This means that most cosmetic dentistry procedures are not covered. However, Dr. Tozzi works hard to prove that certain procedures are needed as they help to restore or improve oral health dramatically.

We offer GreenSky and CareCredit to make our dental treatments more affordable when your insurance company won’t cover them. It’s important to understand your coverage before committing to procedures. Our dental team can discuss your financial obligations with you at our Las Vegas, NV area dental office.

Learn more on how to get a customized smile makeover

There are many cosmetic dentistry treatments near Las Vegas, NV that can improve how your smile looks. When you’re ready to increase your self-confidence and enhance your smile, schedule a consultation to learn more about a customized smile makeover with Dr. Michaela Tozzi.

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