Henderson, NV | Review For Teeth Whitening | Michaela Tozzi, DMD

Review from one of Dr. Tozzi patients who tells his experience with Zoom whitening.


Speaker 1: Yeah. For me, it does come down to a time restraint again because for teeth whitening, I get the Crest White Strips or whatever is out there on the market, but those take a considerable amount of time to work, right? You have to use them night after night. They're a little bit messy. Being able to come in here and within 45 minutes to an hour, my teeth are instantly white.

Speaker 1: When I came in, I wasn't really happy. I had sort of a yellow tint to my teeth, and I'm around people all day every day. It can be a bit embarrassing. I wanted to improve that appearance about myself. For me to come in here, like I said, in 45 minutes to under an hour, it's completely done. It's so worth it. I can't beat it. Yeah. It's called the Zoom teeth whitening, which is basically a serum that they put on your teeth, and they put a very specific light on the teeth to actually amplify the serum.

Speaker 1: You go in 15 minute bouts, meaning they put the serum on. They put the light on for 15 minutes. They come back after 15 minutes, and then they put more serum on. You do that anywhere from two to three... or I'm sorry, two to four bouts. It can be up to an hour process. For me, I actually went the full hour because sometimes it can be a little bit sensitive. But again, the way that they do it, the way that they protect your gums, I didn't really feel much. It was painless. It was in and out.

Speaker 1: I feel great. For me, it's a confidence thing. Other people, they may or may not notice, but for me it makes a big difference. When I smile, when I'm even brushing my teeth, I can tell a huge difference. The whitening, like I said, is instant. It's an instant satisfaction thing for me, and it sticks around for at least six to eight months, at least for me and then I just redo it. It's perfect. Twice a year, and I'm good to go, and I love to smile, so I need to have them white.