Henderson, NV | I Just Got My Temps A Week Ago | Michaela Tozzi, DMD

DJ Sevone follow up after a week of having his temporary veneers installed by Dr. Tozzi.


DJ Sev One: (music playing).

DJ Sev One: What's up? It's DJ Sev One. I just got my temps in, as you guys can see, a week ago, they're a little sensitive on the sides right here because I keep hitting, as you guys can see right here, when I touch the bottom tooth they hurt. Dr.Tozzi is going to shave these two down so that it's not sensitive. For a week after it was a little sensitive when it came to hot and cold, but it'll all go away once I get these temps out and get my new teeth in officially in a week.

DJ Sev One: All right, so this is where I get creative. I always got my Nag Champa all lit up in here so I can get my sense energy the right way. This is where I produce all my music, as you guys can see, all the production, everything that gets done in my work, it gets done right here while I'm smiling with a bright smile.

DJ Sev One: (music).