Henderson, NV | Getting My Teeth Shaved Down | Michaela Tozzi, DMD

Dr. Tozzi shaves down local Las Vegas DJ top teeth in order to fit his veneers.


DJ Sev One: I took a Uber here, have no car here, about to walk in. And it's super rainy in here. I missed the LA weather. We got to get it done and get my top 10 done right here. I'm about to be smiling a lot more nowadays.

Dr. Michaela Tozzi: ... go. This is kind of where you started. This is where you're at right now. And then this is where we're going. So it's going to look legit. That level of white in the porcelain and then I'll have them tone it down once [inaudible 00:01:08]. If you feel like they're too white, then I can always drop it to like a mid bleach or a lower bleach.

Dr. Michaela Tozzi: We're about 90% done with prepping out his top 10 teeth for his veneers. I'm going to go back and just double check the preps, refine them, clean them up a little bit. And then after that we will go ahead and make his temporaries. Take those out. While I'm trimming those up, we'll go ahead and pack cord and get his final impression. By the time that's done, we'll get his temporaries on and he's done. And we are two hours in, so maybe another hour, three hours.

Dr. Michaela Tozzi: So I just tried it back in and make sure we don't get any distortion here. I also want to just check and make sure that it's thick enough. So you can see a little show through here. I'm going to take a little bit more off this tooth and maybe just a little bit more here. And then we'll trim up the temporaries, touch it up, fill in the air bubble, things like that.

Dr. Michaela Tozzi: Go home and rest. Take some ibuprofen.

DJ Sev One: Thank you. Thank you.

Dr. Michaela Tozzi: Get your rest, okay?

DJ Sev One: Thank you so much.

Dr. Michaela Tozzi: Go take it easy.

DJ Sev One: I appreciate it.

Dr. Michaela Tozzi: No problem.

DJ Sev One: Can't really talk right now because my teeth are settling right now. My face is all numb. Post-op coming soon.

Dr. Michaela Tozzi: So, just a quick recap on what we did on DJ Sev One today. Brought him in, got him numb, we prepped out his 10 top teeth and we went ahead and took an impression of those. And then we put his temporary veneers on and that's it.

Dr. Michaela Tozzi: The temporary veneers, they look great. He was absolutely in love with them. Like I was telling him, we didn't want to completely change how he looked. He just wanted a better enhanced version of his previous smile. And I think we did it. Mission accomplished.

Dr. Michaela Tozzi: Oh, DJ Sev One. He's such a trooper. He rolled in today, this morning actually at 8:00 AM, straight from doing a gig down on the strip here in Vegas. And previous to that he was traveling back from LA, but props to him for showing up on time and allowing me to do my work. He was a great patient. He just laid in the chair and let me do what I need to do.

Dr. Michaela Tozzi: So, for future patients out there, don't rush your dentist. Let them do what they need to do. It just makes our life so much easier and you'll inevitably get better results, in my opinion. So, the next time I'll see Sev One is in a couple of weeks when we get his veneers back. And that time allows the lab to make the porcelain veneers. They're all handmade and I don't think people realize that. It's really a science and an art combined. It's not just mill work. They're actually made by an individual in a lab, a master ceramist. So this takes time, and again, probably be a couple of weeks and that's when we'll see him back here in the office to get him tried in, make sure he loves them, and then cement them on and give him his new smile that he's been wanting.