Henderson, NV | Dental Implant Cost | Michaela Tozzi, DMD

Dr. Tozzi talks about the cost and the procedure behind dental implants.


Dr. Michaela Tozzi: It's really not one price fits all. It depends on how many teeth we're trying to replace. It depends on the quality of the bone or the surrounding anatomy that we have to work with. Somebody might've been missing their tooth for 10, 15 years. That bone just starts to disintegrate and we don't have a quality area to work with to place an implant and have a great longterm prognosis. Essentially, we've got to make sure that the foundation is right before we place an implant. That might involve a bone graft, it's very common. If the tooth has been missing, again, for an extended period of time, the adjacent teeth might start to tip in and really impede on that space that we need for that implant. That might involve doing some kind of Invisalign treatment to artificially create that space so we can fit a tooth in there.

Dr. Michaela Tozzi: Price shopping, I know, has become very prevalent in today's society, and I get it. We all want to feel like we got a deal, but at one when it comes to dentistry or healthcare overall, I think that you get truly what you pay for. My price might be different than someone else's down the street, and you really got to think about it. Dentistry's not a commodity. What you're paying is for that doctor's expertise, their experience, their continuing education. That all trickles down into the quality and the prognosis of the treatment that you're going to be receiving.