Will Gum Contouring Reduce My Risk of Gum Disease?

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Your smile is a critical part of how your teeth look and feel – and a major component of that is your gums. An uneven gumline can not only reduce your confidence in your smile, but it can also lead to oral health problems, like gum disease. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Michaela Tozzi is committed to making your smile healthier and more beautiful with laser gum contouring in Las Vegas, NV.

If the top part of your teeth is covered with extra gum tissue, it can make your teeth look smaller than they should (often described as a “gummy” smile). What’s more, it can lead to gum disease, which can cause serious oral health problems down the road. Here’s how gum contouring at Michaela Tozzi, DMD can reduce your risk of gum disease quickly and effectively – with the added benefit of a happy, healthy smile.

What is gum disease?

Gum disease – also known as periodontitis – is a serious gum infection. It can damage the soft tissue in your mouth and, if not treated properly, damage and destroy the bone that supports your teeth. This can lead to loose teeth or even tooth loss.

Fortunately, gum disease is preventable. A good oral hygiene routine, including brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and getting regular checkups, is a great start. But if you have extra gum tissue or an uneven gumline, that’s extra space for bacteria to hide, and gum contouring may be needed.

How can gum contouring combat gum disease?

Healthy gums equal a healthy mouth. But if your gums don’t properly cover your teeth the way they should, it makes it challenging to protect your teeth roots from the bacteria that can cause gum disease. When this bacteria gets trapped underneath your gums, it can lead to periodontitis – or gum disease.

Michaela Tozzi, DMD uses gum contouring on patients in Las Vegas, NV to straighten the gumline with a contouring surgery. This helps reduce the risk of bacteria hiding underneath your gums, preventing further complications to your oral health, including gum disease.

What happens during gum contouring?

Gum contouring is performed in our Las Vegas, NV office with the use of a mild local anesthetic to keep you comfortable. If you have dental fear or anxiety, it may be possible to use sedation therapy.

Prior to the procedure, your teeth and gums will undergo a professional cleaning and drying. Then, Dr. Tozzi will use a laser to cut away extra gum tissue, creating a higher gumline. The laser tool also cauterizes the gum tissue to keep bleeding to a minimum during the treatment.

When your gumline is in healthy shape, your mouth will be cleaned. After the procedure, you may experience some tenderness or swelling, which should diminish in about 1 – 3 weeks. As your gums recover, it’s crucial to maintain annual dental exams and cleanings as well as a strong oral health routine at home.

Schedule your gum contouring treatment for healthier gums

Reshaping your gums comes with plenty of benefits. In addition to creating a more beautiful smile, it helps promote oral health and prevent gum disease. At Michaela Tozzi, DMD, in Las Vegas, NV, gum contouring helps patients feel more confident in their smiles and prevent oral health problems and gum disease in the future. If you live in the Las Vegas, NV area, contact our office today to learn more or schedule a consultation with Dr. Michaela Tozzi.

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