Get Prompt Replacements for Your Missing Teeth

Losing teeth can be a shock, but it doesn’t have to mean a permanent change to your smile. If you plan with your periodontist, you can schedule a procedure for dental implants that will bring back your ability to enjoy your favorite foods as quickly as possible after tooth loss. When combined with other treatments to turn back infection, it can be the key to regaining your old quality of life even after advanced periodontal disease.

Reconstruct Your Smile With Strength

The reason implants have become the go-to recommendation for any patient who can access them is simple. They’re very strong. So strong, in fact, that between the way they integrate with the jaw and the materials used to build the anchors, they usually don’t need replacement. Implants are permanent unless they are damaged by a trauma of some kind to your mouth. They also bring a variety of other benefits that come from their strength and design.

  • No dietary limitations
  • Fast recovery times
  • Natural stimulation for your jaw and gums
  • Natural appearance
  • Individual porcelain replacement teeth can be replaced if damaged

Risks Associated With Missing Teeth

It can be tempting to take your time and weigh your options, but there are many risks associated with doing so, and the longer you wait to replace those missing teeth, the greater the risks become. Your other teeth begin to move as soon as there’s space in your mouth, and you also must contend with the slow loss of jaw and gum tissue if those tissues don’t get stimulation from teeth.

The best way to deal with tooth loss is to plan for a replacement as soon as it happens. That means planning if the teeth are being removed for any reason. For more information, make a consultation appointment. Associates can help if you call during regular business hours, and they can also answer any questions you have about what you’ll need for your first visit.

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