How Long Can I Expect Lumineers To Last?

Lumineers Las Vegas

Veneers are a tooth restoration procedure that allows patients to restore their smile. While they are a great option for many, those with weakened or eroded enamel will find Lumineers more beneficial. Michaela Tozzi is a board-certified doctor of dental medicine who is trained in diagnosing and treating oral health problems. At her Las Vegas, NV office, she offers these minimal-prep veneers, also known as Lumineers, that require no preparation to the teeth being treated.

How do veneers and Lumineers differ?

Lumineers provide the same benefits as porcelain veneers; however, no preparation is required to the teeth beforehand. This means that patients preserve more of their natural teeth. Lumineers are made of Cerinate, a type of ceramic that is extremely thin. This is a material created to only be used during the Lumineers process. The best candidate for Lumineers in Las Vegas, NV are patients with enough tooth surface to have them correctly bond.

With Lumineers, patients spend less time in the chair. During your first visit to our office, Dr. Tozzi creates a mold that will best blend in with your natural teeth. Since they are custom-made to match the shade and shape of your teeth, temporaries are not needed. Once your Lumineers are ready, you will come back in for their placement and any adjustments, as needed. The entire Lumineers process is usually pain-free since there are no injections or grinding of tooth enamel. Once the Lumineers are bonded, there is no post-treatment tooth sensitivity, which some veneer patients experience.

What can Lumineers correct?

Dr. Tozzi uses Lumineers to help patients in Las Vegas, NV correct:

  • Cracks or chips

  • Stains or discoloration

  • Worn tooth enamel

  • Uneven spacing and alignment

  • Crowded, overlapping, or damaged teeth

  • Crooked teeth (as an alternative to braces or Invisalign®)

As a cosmetic dentistry option, Lumineers help to create a white, straight, and aligned smile. They protect the surface of damaged teeth and can eliminate the need for extensive dental procedures. Lumineers are resistant to stains, so patients can enjoy a white smile.

Can Lumineers be removed?

For those who want a reversible procedure, Lumineers can be removed. Your natural teeth are left strong and intact as a result of the minimal prep that was done before adhering them. With proper care, Lumineers can last up to 20 years.

Can Lumineers damage teeth?

Whether or not Lumineers damage the teeth depends on different factors. When it comes to preparation, when a tooth is modified, the integrity of a tooth does change. These changes do increase the chance of leaks. This means maintaining a regular schedule of dental exams with Dr. Tozzi is necessary to monitor the placement of your Lumineers. Also, if your Lumineers aren’t blended perfectly, there is a chance for some gum inflammation. Dr. Tozzi is highly trained in the diagnostic treatment of oral health conditions and is experienced in performing cosmetic dentistry, including Lumineers.

Caring for Lumineers

Ultimately, Lumineers don’t last forever. This makes it important to correctly care for them to extend their life. While you don’t have to change your diet, you will need to maintain a regular at-home oral hygiene routine of brushing at least twice daily and flossing once a day. Regular dental exams and routine dental cleanings are also important as it allows Dr. Tozzi to know when you’re due for a replacement. An efficient at-home oral hygiene routine will not only help you to keep your Lumineers longer, it also helps maintain your overall oral health.

Learn if Lumineers will benefit your oral health

When you’re looking for ways to improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Michaela Tozzi can help. She is experienced in helping her patients in Las Vegas, NV to successfully repair their smiles. During a smile makeover consultation, she will listen to your concerns and offer suggestions on cosmetic dentistry that will repair and restore your smile the best. To schedule a consultation and to begin the process of achieving your dream smile with Lumineers, call our professional team today! During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering free online consultations to discuss your smile makeover.

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