How Can Gum Contouring Improve Your Oral Health?

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Many patients who visit Dr. Michaela Tozzi near Las Vegas, NV want to repair their uneven gumline. At Michaela Tozzi, DMD, she can resolve oral health problems due to a gummy smile with laser gum contouring. When the top portion of the teeth is covered with extra gum tissue, it makes the teeth look small. With the help of gum contouring near Las Vegas, our cosmetic dentist can remove small portions of the gums to create a better contour. This creates a better-looking smile and improves oral health since it reduces the places that bacteria can remain trapped. When bacteria remain trapped, it can lead to more advanced stages of gum disease. Gum contouring can help our patients to reduce their risk of developing tooth decay and periodontal disease. To learn more about gum removal surgery, schedule a consultation at our dental office.

What leads to a gummy smile?

Many things can cause our patients’ gums to be too low or high, including health problems, taking certain medicine, or genetics. Gums that are too high and make the teeth look long are usually caused by gum recession. Gum recession can lead to serious dental problems, including tooth decay, the onset of periodontal disease, and, in severe cases, tooth loss. This is why it’s important to never ignore your gums if they begin to look different.

What can laser gum contouring treat?

Laser gum treatment can be used for more than just removing excess gum tissue. It can also treat other conditions, including:

  • Cold sores

  • Gum disease

  • Oral growths

  • Peri-implantitis

  • TMJ

What is gum contouring?

At Michaela Tozzi, DMD, we perform gum contouring in our dental office near Las Vegas, and we provide a mild local anesthetic. For nervous patients, we also offer sedation therapy, so they can feel comfortable during any dental procedure. Before laser gum contouring, the teeth and gums are thoroughly cleaned and dried fully. Dr. Tozzi uses the BIOLASE® Epic™ laser to cut away excess gum tissue, which gives patients a higher gumline. This laser tool cauterizes tissue to minimize bleeding throughout laser gum treatment. Once she is satisfied with the results, she will clean the patient’s mouth thoroughly.

After your gum contouring treatment, swelling or tenderness is normal and should subside after a few weeks when the gums fully heal. Dr. Tozzi offers her patients tips on how to keep the gums healthy and clean during recovery. Ultimately, regular dental exams and routine dental cleanings are important after receiving gum contouring to maintain your oral health.

Who is the best candidate for gum contouring?

You may be a good candidate for gum contouring surgery near Las Vegas, NV when:

  • You want to fix your smile by diminishing a gummy-looking smile

  • Your gums cover most of your teeth

  • You have no existing dental issue (for those that do, they must be resolved before gum removal surgery)

  • You get frequent oral infections or have gum disease that is caused by bacteria hiding under your extra gum tissue.

When your gums are too low, gum contouring offers our patients a more even-looking gumline.

How gum contouring improves oral health

When your gums don’t cover your teeth evenly, it is hard to protect your teeth roots from harmful oral bacteria. If bacteria are able to get beneath the gums, this can lead to gingivitis, the first and only reversible stage of periodontal disease. By straightening your gumline with gum contouring surgery, Dr. Tozzi can help you reduce these risks to your oral and overall health and improve your oral health for the long-term.

Will my insurance cover gum contouring?

Gum contouring is typically considered a cosmetic and elective procedure, so it isn’t usually covered by dental insurance. However, Dr. Tozzi does accept many payment methods and offers low-interest financing to her patients. At your consultation, we can calculate the estimated costs associated with your laser gum contouring treatment.

Learn how gum contouring can improve oral health

Dr. Michaela Tozzi offers gum contouring to help patients throughout Las Vegas, NV repair their smiles. At Michaela Tozzi, DMD, we perform this laser gum contouring treatment during just one visit. To learn if you’re an ideal candidate for laser gum contouring, schedule a consultation by calling our dental office today.

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