Five Things to Know About Lumineers

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Lumineers® are no prep veneers that restore teeth for patients looking to improve their smile in Las Vegas, NV. Michaela Tozzi, DMD uses Lumineers to conceal imperfections on the teeth. Patients with weakened or eroded enamel are great candidates for Lumineers since they require minimal preparation to the teeth. Lumineers provide the same benefits as porcelain veneers, just with less preparation. This means that more of your natural tooth is preserved.

What can Lumineers correct?

Dr. Tozzi uses Lumineers to help patients in Las Vegas, NV to correct:

  • Gaps or uneven alignment

  • Worn tooth enamel

  • Crowded or damaged teeth

  • Stains or discoloration

  • Chips or cracks

  • Crooked teeth (a great alternative to braces or Invisalign®)

As a cosmetic dentistry option, Lumineers lead to straight, white, and better-aligned smiles. These no prep veneers protect the surface of damaged teeth and eliminate the need for costly dental procedures. They are resistant to stains too.

How do Lumineers work?

Lumineers are completed at two separate dental visits at our Las Vegas, NV office. During your first visit, Dr. Tozzi will create a custom-made mold that matches the shape and shade of your natural teeth. After this mold is created, they will be placed in your mouth with an adhesive material. Minor adjustments will be made at follow-up visits to ensure your Lumineers fit. No temporaries are needed with no prep veneers.

Facts to know about Lumineers

There are many things you should know about Lumineers before deciding if they’re best for your oral health, including:

  1. They’re made of a patented material: Cerinate is a type ceramic made specifically for this cosmetic dentistry procedure. It makes Lumineers strong and thinner than veneers. This leads to an amazing aesthetic result. It also means there is minimal preparation needed before placement. When you get Lumineers, your natural tooth structure remains the same.

  2. They’re stronger than veneers: Cerinate is stronger than the porcelain used for veneers. Veneers look more delicate, but cannot withstand the same amount of pressure as no prep veneers can.

  3. Lumineers don’t damage the natural teeth: Due to the preservation of existing enamel, your natural teeth don’t experience any damage. When enamel is removed, there is an increased chance of leaks, which doesn’t happen with Lumineers.

  4. They last twice as long as veneers: Because of their thin structure, they may look fragile, but they are actually durable. They can last up to twice as long as porcelain veneers (up to 20 years), which makes them a great investment for your smile. They also are reversible, and they leave the natural teeth strong.

  5. They don’t hurt: The Lumineers process is usually pain-free since there is no grinding down of enamel or the need for injections. Once the Lumineers are bonded, there is usually no post-treatment tooth sensitivity.

Caring for Lumineers

Much like other dental treatments, they won’t last forever. This makes it important to correctly care for them. While you don’t have to change what you eat with Lumineers, you will need to maintain an efficient at-home oral hygiene routine. This includes brushing twice daily and flossing at least once a day. Regular dental exams and routine dental cleanings are also important as Dr. Tozzi will be able to monitor your progress and know when you’re due for a replacement. If you take better care of your teeth, they will last longer.

Learn more about minimally invasive dentistry options, like Lumineers, for your smile

When you’re looking for minimally invasive ways to improve your smile, Michaela Tozzi DMD offers no prep veneers. Dr. Tozzi is experienced in helping her patients in Las Vegas, NV to repair their smile in an undetectable way. During a smile makeover consultation, Dr. Tozzi listens to her patient’s concerns, answers questions, and reviews available treatment options. To find out if Lumineers are right for you, call our Las, Vegas, NV office to schedule a consultation.

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