3 Reasons Why You Should Get Porcelain Veneers

When patients come to Dr. Tozzi for cosmetic dentistry, one of their most common goals is the installation of porcelain veneers. That’s because these versatile dental fronts can correct the appearance of several minor esthetic issues at once. They allow you to present a whiter, straighter smile, and at the same time, they cover small chips and cracks that show in damaged teeth. There are other ways to address these issues, of course, but veneers have three distinct advantages over the other processes.

1. Accessible Cost

Whitening and straightening teeth while putting crowns or filler and sealant over chips means going through several procedures, but veneers allow patients to make all those changes with one moderately priced cosmetic upgrade. That makes it easier to budget, so many patients decide to invest in veneers to get the appearance they want while they budget more extensive cosmetic interventions.

2. Long-Lasting

Veneers aren’t permanent, but if they are well cared for, they do last a long time. They are also easy to replace when the time comes, so you can keep the look of veneers with the right care and attention from a professional like Dr. Tozzi. Ask for information about how to get the most out of your veneers at each cleaning to learn the best practices for care throughout their lifecycle. Regular cleanings also give you a second opinion about whether it’s time to replace your veneers.

3. Natural Looking

High-quality porcelain veneers look like a vibrant, natural smile, so no one needs to know you’re wearing them unless you decide to mention it. That’s why they make such a great way to quickly upgrade a smile.

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